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My love for Tolkien

I anything — I passionately love Tolkien's writings, and I have since childhood.

When I had nearly worn my first Danish paperback versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to pieces, I borrowed an English language version from a friend, and from that day there was no turning back.

When I discovered Tolkien usenet newsgroups, rec.arts.books.tolkien and, it was like coming home; here I could ‘meet’ with the like-minded and discuss Tolkien's writings to my heart's content. The Tolkien newsgroups maintain a web-site for various groups-related purposes, and I keep a mirror of these pages available here. Thus my Tolkien section mostly consists of the pages developed for the newsgroups, for which I can take only limited credit, though the essay is entirely my own (though badly in need of an update). Finally I have started blogging about Tolkien matters at Parmar-kenta (inquiry into the books).

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